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Child Handovers - Happy meal or cigarettes?

Judge Decides Family Handover Point

No More Handovers at Macca’s (The Golden Arches) – Watch Out Woolworths – Family Law Handovers Coming To A Store Near You

In a recent decision, Federal Magistrate Myers has discussed and determined where fraught and potentially conflicting couples might conduct the handovers of their children so as to start and end their visits with the other parent.

Safe Handover Options Considered

In a case where the Mother said that her child effectively carried on a “treat” demanding McDonalds meals whenever there was a handover there and the Father said that he did not want the children being handed to him in front of “The Smokes Counter” at the local Woolworths, His Honour has determined that Woolworths is the place of choice for this family.

His Honour reasoned that the meal tantrums was a genuine reason to avoid McDonalds and that the Father’s concerns about cigarette exposure was overcome somewhat by the plain packaging legislation in place now to seek to curtail cigarette marketing impacts.

Inasmuch as the unsuspecting consumer may not want to either be at McDonalds Family Restaurants or doing their shopping at Woolies and getting involved or affected by a fight between warring parents who have conflicts at handover points, the dilemma is where else can handovers happen economically and under the watchful eye of CCTV?

His Honour was certainly being resourceful and considerate of the proposals.

How Will Woolies React?

But, it is only a matter of time before risk management or lawyers working for Woolworths becomes aware of this decision, and from there it won’t be too long before the practice is stamped out in our view.

After all, given the suits maintained against Woolies for slips, falls and the like, they take their obligations to provide us with a reasonably safe area to shop, quite seriously.

Maccas A Popular Handover Point

Next time you’re at McDonalds on Friday or Sunday afternoons, keep an eye out for changeovers. You’ll be surprised at the number happening there, usually in family law cases where there has been a history of some conflict.

Gives new meaning to ‘happy meals’ doesn’t it?

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