Cost to obtain Consent Orders in the Family Court?


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Cost to obtain Consent Orders in the Family Court?

Does Evans and Company Offer Fixed Fee Consent Orders?

People increasingly ring and ask whether we offer a ‘fixed fee’ arrangement? This is something that we are happy to offer to clients.

If you have a client who is going through separation or divorce, Evans & Company Family Lawyers offer a free telephone consultation to discuss any legal issues. We can offer a fixed fee in respect of the service they require.

Why Use a Family Law Specialist?

Parties should always seek legal advice before selling or transferring property if they are going through separation or divorce. Tax and stamp duty consequences are common. We may be able to recommend a course of action to your client that will prevent such consequences.

At Evans & Company Family Lawyers we are able to offer a fixed fee in respect to the preparation of Consent Orders. Clients often wish to avoid family lawyers at all costs but by entering Consent Orders (or a Financial Agreement) we may ultimately save them money in terms of duty and tax and provide them with financial certainty. It is only by entering Consent Orders that a party may be eligible for a stamp duty exemption.

What is the Consent Order Fixed Fee?

Where parties are in agreement as to the terms of the property orders and require us to give effect to those terms, our fixed fees are normally $3,300 which includes our professional fees, GST and the court filing fee.