Evans Brandon Family Lawyers is a firm of Family Lawyers Gold Coast specialising in matters such as divorce, separation, property settlement, child custody, domestic violence, etc. 

Working exclusively on Family Law matters since 1998, our partners and solicitors have the experience and credibility to represent clients in Family Law matters. We will help you navigate through the process and ensure that we advocate for your best interests both in and out of court.

Family Lawyers Gold Coast

Family Lawyers Gold Coast

  • Family Law is a specialised area of the law that deals with issues such as divorce or separation and family disputes. It can be combative and comes at an emotional time in people’s lives. 
  • Evans Brandon Family Lawyers can provide you with access to Family Lawyers Gold Coast who are experts in handling family law cases. They are long-standing Family Lawyers and are trained in the area of Family Law.
  • We are committed to providing you with proactive legal representation in Mediation or in the courtroom. Our focus is always to achieve the best outcome of your case in line with your interests. 

When going through a divorce, separation or other family dispute, you will need a firm of Family Lawyers Gold Coast who specialise in this area. Family Law can present complex issues and can cause emotional turmoil. Our goal is to minimise the stress as we go through the legal process with you. 

We are available if you have questions or seek clarification. As our client, we will maintain regular contact with you to update you on the progress of your matter. Our pool of Family Lawyers Gold Coast are results-focused, and we are both cost-efficient and highly effective. With Evans Brandon Family Lawyers, you have a committed team behind you who will represent your best interest at all times.


Thank you Dean, Hannah, Luke and Tania

May I say what a pleasure (unfortunate circumstances aside!) it is to deal with a competent, friendly and efficient law firm.

I have transacted with well over 100 law firms in my career and you certainly shine above the vast majority on all measurement indicators but most important your moral compass is very strong; that Dean is disseminated from the top.

Well done everyone for a great outcome.