20 Acts of Kindness: Rosies and Rize Up Easter Egg Donation


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20 Acts of Kindness: Rosies and Rize Up Easter Egg Donation

To commemorate the 20th year of Evans and Company Family Lawyers, the Firm is setting out to undertake 20 Acts of Kindness.

With the Easter Season fast approaching, a valuable time for reflection in what is a very busy world, the staff here at Evans and Company Family Lawyers reflected on those people in our community who are sadly far less fortunate and for a variety of reasons, find themselves in a state of homelessness.

Gift hampers filled with an assortment of chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies were wrapped and delivered to charities Rosies and Rize Up, that are both located on the Gold Coast.


Rosies – Friends on the Street

Members of our team, Luke Brandon and Stephanie Wright met with Wendy Coe, coordinator of the Gold Coast centre who was able to provide great insight into how Rosies was founded, what services Rosies provides on the Gold Coast and how Rosies is able to support so many homeless people in our community without receiving any Government funding.

Rosies was founded by FR Tom Shortall OMI, a Catholic Priest, and first established in the Victorian town of Rosebud – leading to the name “Rosies”. Since 1975 Rosies has grown and drop in centres can now be found across Queensland.

Wendy explained that Rosies differs from other organisations who assist those experiencing homelessness in that Rosies’ mission is to reach out to those people in need and primarily provide them with friendship, with someone to speak to and with a sense of community and belonging. As well as providing friendship, Rosies provides people experiencing homelessness with a safe place that they are able to visit, meals and a warm coffee.

Rosies drop in centre at Southport is open six days per week and the team is also present in the Southport Magistrates Court building five days per week. In addition, street vans provide outreach services in Surfers Paradise, Nerang and Southport throughout the week and BBQ lunches are held throughout the week in Southport.

Rosies does not receive any Government funding and is entirely funded by the public. There are presently 220 volunteers providing assistance within the Gold Coast branch. There is only one paid staff member.  Rosies receives financial support from local businesses and through the sale of food parcels, comprising donated items.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Wendy and a number of the wonderful volunteers at Rosies on the Gold Coast and can only hope that our small act of kindness will assist in creating a sense of community and belonging for the those in need this Easter Season.

For more information on Rosies visit http://rosies.org.au


Rize Up

Fiona Browne, an associate in our team reacted to the call out from Gold Coast based charity Rize Up for the donation of Easter Eggs.

Rize Up is a unique charity that is dedicated to providing support for families affected by domestic and family violence. Their assistance includes, helping to create a new home for victims fleeing a violent household and supporting children in their healing process, to raising much-needed funds for families left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We hope that our small act of kindness in supporting the charity Rize Up this Easter can provide some assistance to individuals affected by domestic violence.

For more information on Rize Up visit http://www.rizeup.com.au