Both parents responsible for child support

Both parents have a responsibility to support their children. If a private agreement cannot be reached, the Child Support Agency can assist in assessing and collecting Child Support.

You can obtain an estimate of support payable by accessing the Child Support Agency website at

Child Support Arrangements

Child Support is normally payable until a child reaches 18 or until the child finishes school.

If the agreed Child Support is greater than the amount assessed by the Child Support Agency, it may be beneficial to enter a Binding Child Support Agreement to document the agreed additional payments.

Child Support for Older Children

If your child is over 18 and support is still required, you should seek legal advice in respect of making an Application for a Departure Order to the Court.

If there is an issue as to the parentage of the child, DNA testing may need to be undertaken. We can provide legal advice as to this process.

 Practical Tips

  • Rental losses and salary sacrificing superannuation contributions will be added back to your income for the purposes of calculating Child Support.
  • A Child Support Assessment can be reassessed if your income falls by 15%.
  • Binding Child Support Agreements can be set aside if obtained through fraud, duress or undue influence.

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