Know the process.

With only a few exceptions, there is a step-by-step process you must undertake before filing an Application for Parenting Orders with the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court.

Step One

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Counselling is the first step that must be undertaken before any proceedings are commenced in a parenting matter.

Both parents are required to attend counselling with a qualified Family Dispute Resolution practitioner. This gives you the opportunity to attempt to resolve the dispute before making an Application to the Court.

Evans Brandon Family Lawyers have a purpose built mediation centre on the Gold Coast and can help you select a Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) counsellor who will guide you through the process. If you successfully navigate the issues it may result in a Parenting Plan or Parenting Order, however you should seek legal advice before finalising any Agreement.

Step Two

If the matter remains unresolved after the Family Dispute Resolution process, you will be issued with a Section 601 Certificate. You can use this Certificate to support your Application to the Court.

The Family Court of Australia has published a brochure explaining the FDR process.

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