Gold Coast Mediation – A neutral place for discussion and resolution.

Mediation is increasingly being used to settle a matter or narrow down the issues by getting everyone together in the same room, if possible, and in separate rooms if not. 

It serves as a structured negotiation process whereby an independent party – the mediator – will assist with facilitating discussions around the issue at hand by identifying and assessing options. It has one common purpose – to reach an agreement with which both parties will be satisfied. 

Everything else is part of the process, and how that is handled has a lot to do with the outcome. Evans Brandon Family Lawyers has a purpose-built space for Gold Coast Mediation to help resolve your dispute. 

Gold Coast mediation room

Mediation at Evandale Mediation Centre is designed to:

  • Reduce legal costs by settling a matter early.
  • Result in a better relationship afterwards, in particular where children and ongoing business interests are concerned.
  • Deal with the matter privately and avoid Court proceedings.
  • Engage an independent mediator, giving you the opportunity to voice your views and have them heard.
  • Give you a room for yourself and your legal representative, separate from the other party, to facilitate a “shuttle” discussion without conflict.

Mediation is not suited to everyone. There are a variety of factors that need to be taken into account before considering mediation as an avenue to resolve your dispute.

  • Is there a willingness to participate in mediation by both parties?
  • Do you accept mediation may not result in the dispute being at an end and you may need to seek a decision from the Court?
  • Are both parties prepared to act in a manner that facilitates a productive mediation?
  • Are there other factors that make the matter unsuited to mediate such as family violence or complex issues that need to be determined by a Court before mediation may be an option.

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