Best Parenting Practice in a Family Law Matter


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Best Parenting Practice in a Family Law Matter

For clients involved in a parenting matter, we continually stress the importance of putting the children’s best interests first. Parents who achieve a favourable parenting outcome:

  1. Demonstrate by their actions that they can be child focused.
  2. Make decisions based around their child’s needs rather than their own.
  3. Rise above the conflict between parties.
  4. Remain rational, calm and centred.
  5. Develop a child focused parenting plan.
  6. Demonstrate stability in their personal circumstances and parenting decisions.
  7. Provide a safe secure and stable environment for their children.
  8. Be honest in their dealings with the court and others.
  9. Demonstrate generosity of spirit and flexibility.
  10. Develop a child-focused parenting plan.
  11. Demonstrate and understanding of the position of others.

A parent who can acknowledge past mistakes and recognise the need to change behaviour and be committed to changing behaviour are more likely to achieve better outcomes for the long-term well being of their children.