Are you seeking legal representation on Family Law matters in the Southport area? Evans Brandon Family Lawyers is regarded by the industry as a leading Family Law Southport firm.

Evans Brandon Family Lawyers are a team of competent and experienced Family Law experts who understand the complexities of Family Law issues. Our Family Law Southport firm will help you navigate the process of divorce and proactively act on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.

Family Law Southport


Family Law Southport

  • Family Law is a legal practice dealing with all areas of family relationships such as divorce, separation, ‘child custody’, domestic violence, and mediation, among many others.
  • Disputes within the family, separation or divorce can bring about a range of challenging situations; from issues about spousal and parental responsibilities to mishandling of your finances and property settlements. You need to seek the services of a distinguished Family Law Southport firm to help you understand your rights and entitlements.
  • Evans Brandon Family Lawyers is a local Family Law Southport team that has a reputation for handling Court matters with excellent client outcomes.

With over 21 years of Family Law experience, we provide access to our well-educated lawyers, professional paralegals and support staff who work together strategically to provide you with legal representation of the highest standard.

Our committed team here at Evans Brandon Family Lawyers is guaranteed to handle the sensitivities of your case and the circumstances you find yourself in with utmost professionalism and discretion.

We also understand that going through a divorce can be financially stressful, that’s why we are upfront on costs and highly effective at the same time.

We keep in touch and act in accordance with your instructions at all times. Our focus is on your welfare and getting you the best outcome of your case.

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