The New Year Brings No Shortage of Interesting Facts


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The New Year Brings No Shortage of Interesting Facts

The New Year Brings No Shortage of Interesting Facts

We are just two days into the 2016 working year, having re-opened on 11th January.

We thought it might be interesting for readers to have a think about what facts are handled within law firms after the expiration of the Christmas and New Year period.

Already, the firm has had enquiries and commenced handling matters which involve:-

  • The case of a parent unilaterally relocating to another town with the child and trying to enrol the child in a new school, irrespective of the existence of a week-about parenting arrangement being in place for some time;
  • The case of a male spouse returning to the home after separation with a “security guard” who smashed a door with a sledgehammer to gain entry and the attending police determining that this was not sufficient domestic violence for them to be involved, thereafter insisting that the man be given a key to the property;
  • The case of an attempt to retain a child in a non-Hague Convention Country in order to prevent the child’s return to Australia;
  • The case involving the making of false allegations of abuse to Government agencies to avoid compliance with Orders;
  • Various cases where people have refused to comply with Court Orders which permitted the children to be with each of their parents and extended families during the Christmas period; and
  • Various cases where people have stopped complying or have refused to comply with financial Orders.

It’s a busy time for family lawyers trying to fix these issues.

It’s certainly heads down here at the firm, dealing with these unfortunate facts in order to aid people whose Christmas was not filled with the spirit and tidings many of us enjoyed or intended our friends and family to have enjoyed.

If you know someone in a bad situation….whatever it is…feel free to refer them for assistance. Unfortunately, we have seen and dealt with most fact situations.

Best wishes for the New Year from Dean Evans and all the team at Evans & Company Family Lawyers